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    About Us

    D-Tek Mission Statement:  “Delight All Customers”

    D-Tek is committed to achieving excellence and attaining partnership status with our customers.  We at D-Tek are committed to exceeding their expectations.

    As a leading competitor in the industry D-Tek has delivered parts to a variety of national and international manufacturers. We continue to examine and improve our strategies and business position through constant attention to global marketplace needs and evolving technological opportunities.

    Quality – Zero defects is a goal we try to achieve.  We will continue to improve our processes to add more mistake proof enhancements to our manufacturing methods.  It is our objective to continuously train our personnel to produce quality parts.  Ownership for the quality of the parts produced will start at the heart of the manufacturing process, the individual operators.

    Delivery – 100% on time delivery of the quantities required by our customers is critical to our success.  We are committed at D-Tek to exceeding our customer’s expectations by meeting their delivery requirements every time regardless of the circumstances. In order to accomplish this, we are taking steps to become more flexible in our manufacturing operations.  These steps include establishing standards for dies, installing a quick change die system, reducing batch sizes, and in depth production planning based on the forecasts provided to us by our customers.

    Cost Management – It is our objective to continually improve costs through control of our indirect and fixed costs.  We will also be reviewing the manufacturing processes of every part to look for cost reduction opportunities.

    Technical Support – It is our desire to participate early in the design process providing our customers with the benefit of our manufacturing experience.

    Wavelength – We realize that communication, responsiveness, and customer support are essential parts of any achieving excellence program.  The organizational structure being adopted is designed to promote these qualities.  More importantly, our management philosophy will be to promote ownership for exceeding our customer’s expectations within each and every employee at D-Tek.

    Training - We at D-Tek believe that our people are our most important asset. Our commitment to excellence means fostering a spirit of creativity, dedication, ethics, and entrepreneurial excitement throughout our employee team. With our eyes on the future we will never lose sight of the key elements of continuous improvement, industry leadership, and financial performance.

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