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    Welding & Fabrication

    Welding Brochure

    At D-Tek Corporation, approximately 40% of the parts we ship go through our Welding Department. These parts range from simple brackets with threaded nuts attached to large commercial mower decks and other assemblies, some in excess of 100 pounds. Many of these assemblies are then plated or painted, and become both structural and cosmetic in their applications.

    MIG welding can be used for many different types of metals and is well suited for long welds and thick sections. It also has the ability to be run from any position and requires little post-weld cleanup.
    TIG welding results in very clean, high quality welds with little distortion, but is slower and less suited for thick sections than MIG welding.
    Our robotic welders result in greater economy on parts that require precise dimensional control.
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